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Thanks so much Kaire for a very cool HD session! You convey all the nuggets of wisdom with wonderful ease, simplicity and passion, and the whole “recipe” you get is made even more special by your humor and examples from life itself. It looks like you enjoy your work a lot. What’s more, I now have my own personal book where you have written everything uniquely. It’s so nice that I can jump there from time to time, when I’m in a more complicated situation and I need to find simple solutions.

I have received a lot of help on how to learn to live as myself and for myself in order to function happily and contentedly. From the moment I accepted the part of myself that I am a “projector” type of person, whose task is to wait for a recognition call, and not to push myself to initiate and teach, it has made so many things in my life easier. Knowing that listening to intuition is my key that opens the doors to wonderland is also powerful. My weakness is overthinking, using my mind to make decisions. At the same time, I have to use the energy of my mind somewhere, because it wants to tend to the foreground in the wrong place. Now I know that I have to put my strong mind to work in work processes.

I also had a general card made for my teenage daughter, after which there is a completely different life between us. It helped me so much to know that my daughter is a “manifestor” type of person who needs a lot of freedom. I can set limits for her, but within those limits she is free to make her own decisions. Oh, how much it has changed knowing that my daughter is suitable as an initiator. Even our activities together often go more smoothly when I wait for this “recognizing invitation” from my daughter and I can answer “yes” to it.

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Kaire Vacker